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The Power of Money: Your Road to Financial Freedom

Get ready to experience a high-speed cruise on the expressway, which will drive you to your destination of financial freedom.

Having sufficient funds, investments, cash in hand, and fulfilling dreams—do these four points come to mind whenever you think of financial freedom? If yes, then hold the accelerator because you are living in your imaginative world.

The first rule of financial freedom is to get out of the imaginative world and accept your real life. Whether you are earning thousands and lakhs of dollars per month or barely making ends meet, understanding the power of money is crucial for achieving financial freedom. It’s not just about having a high income; it’s also about making smart financial decisions and investments.

Guide to Be Financially Free

Let’s face the harsh reality of finances, which you are not aware of, and start taking concrete steps towards financial freedom by following the below points:

1.Know Your Needs

Everything we purchase or sell depends on our needs. If the needs are related to making profits in the trade, then all is well. But if you keep purchasing or selling products that do not contribute to your financial goals, then it’s time to reassess and prioritize your decisions.

For example, if you keep changing your car every 2–3 years, then you need to rethink your decision. Each year, your car depreciates by 10–15%, and when you sell it, you first bear a loss for the depreciation. Additionally, you will spend a lot of extra money to purchase the car.

But if you are spending and organizing your annual earnings in the right aspects, such as investing in assets, saving for retirement, and clearing out all the expenses and high-paying debts, then, in that case, if by the end of the financial year, a part of your savings allows you to fulfill your dream of buying a new car, then you’re all good to bring it to your garage.

2.Don’t Drown Your Dreams

Being free from financial burdens does not mean that you should not watch dreams or drown in your childhood favorites. Watching dreams and fulfilling them is the real motivation that you need to live life with financial happiness.

But the path to making your dreams come true is to continue to save and invest wisely. By establishing goals, creating a budget, and earning money for that dream through a passive income source, you can slowly work towards making your dream a reality.

Let’s understand it with a basic example:

If you dreamt of buying a car whose worth is $70,000, then instead of directly paying the money from your savings and taking the high-interest loan, you should invest that money in a source that will provide you with a passive income stream. On the basis of that income, buy your car on EMI. So, if you opt for a 5-year EMI plan, then by the end of the loan duration, your car will be loan-free, and your initial amount of $70K will be appreciated with a significant return on investment.

Later, if you plan to sell that car, the amount you will get will be an additional profit because you have not spent anything from your savings.

3.Understand the Need for Debt

The biggest pothole in the road to financial freedom is debt. On various online platforms, you might have heard two controversial points. Some say to avoid debt at any cost, and some say debt can be a tool for building wealth.

To enjoy a life free from financial freedom, you must understand the difference between good and bad debt. For instance, good debt, such as a business loan or mortgage, can help you build assets and increase your net worth. Whereas bad debts, like personal loans or high-interest loans, will quickly drain your finances and may hinder your ability to achieve financial freedom.

So, if you don’t want debt to hinder your financial capabilities, you must carefully consider the type of debt you are taking and, in most cases, try to avoid taking debt for your dreams or luxury items.

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4.Invest More & More

The biggest key to financial success is to invest wisely and consistently in high-return opportunities. By putting your money into assets that have the potential to grow rapidly over time, you can secure your financial future and build wealth for yourself and upcoming generations.

Instead of taking a large loan and then paying off the EMI’s, if you opt for investing in a secure option, you can potentially earn more returns and grow your wealth faster. It’s important to carefully prioritize long-term financial stability and growth over short-term gratification or unnecessary expenses.

By consistently investing, you can utilize the power of compound interest and set up a more secure and prosperous future. So, instead of wasting your hard-earned money, try to make wise investment decisions and focus on growing your wealth steadily over time. Remember, patience and discipline are the keys to successful investing.

5.Setup an Emergency Fund

Having ready-to-access emergency funds is crucial for ensuring financial stability and peace of mind during unexpected circumstances, such as job loss or medical emergencies. By setting up an emergency fund, you can avoid getting into debt or liquidating your investments into low profits in times of need.

Well, we suggest you have at least three to six months’ worth of living expenses in your savings as emergency funds. It will provide you with a shield of safety and may assist you in weathering any financial storm that comes your way.

Avoid using those funds in non-emergency funds to ensure that the amount remains available when needed.

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The Short Success Note

The road to financial freedom is full of speed breakers and potholes, but nothing is impossible. Stay disciplined and focused on your financial goals, and remember, Slow and steady always win the race. So, keep educating yourself in all aspects of finances, and when it comes to making a money decision, make sure to implement a well-informed decision. Keep your emotions aside and rely on logic and research to make the best choices for your financial future. So, stay committed and remember that every single step will take you one mile closer to the path of financial freedom.

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